Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC

Concealed Carry Classes at your location Or mine in Southeastern, WI
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We want you to feel comfortable learning about conceal carry. Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC (CCTP's) serves individual groups at your location in Southeastern Wisconsin. Concealed Carry classes are also available at my location in Richfield, WI. Call for more information or other available locations for classes.

The course will take you through the necessary steps to gain an understanding of firearms safety, understand safe handling in both public and private environments and explore concealed carry shooting fundamentals and obtain Wisconsin, Utah and Florida conceal carry permits. Classes are available seven days a week at your location or ours. Call ahead for reservations.

Discrete, professional and personal; at Concealed Carry Training Professionals (CCTP's) we bring the opportunity to learn and train directly to you via a certified personal instructor. Whether it's training for an individual or a group, Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC provides a truly personal, interactive learning experience with a certified instructor. We pride ourselves on taking the time to answer all your questions, explain our answers clearly and make certain you know and understand your rights and responsibilities. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to defending yourself and your family.

What to bring to class?
Payment for the cost of class.
No firearms are required.

What does CCW class include?
Friendly atmosphere
CCW course is 4 hrs.
Firearms safety in and outside of your home
Basic self defense
Complete an application to obtain Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida Concealed Carry Permit.