Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC

Concealed Carry Classes at your location Or mine in Southeastern, WI
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Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC offers concealed carry classes, you choose the date, time and location that best fits your schedule! The real benefits of a CCW classes, like the one offered by CCTP's, are reduced classroom oriented stress and distraction, fewer hours spent on coursework, the elimination of noisy environments and large groups, a most importantly a truly personal focus on you, your training and your defense.

CCTP's offers certified concealed carry training courses providing you the necessary tools and training to confidently obtain a CCW permit in Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida. We utilize Concealed Carry Permit Certification NRA Coursework throughout our training sessions.

Proper training and preparation can make all the difference in a life threatening situation. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can give you a degree of confidence should you ever need to make the terrible and necessary decision to defend yourself, your family or your property.